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Acquisition & Analysis

GSH deploys a vetting and selection approach that focuses on properties which offer the best opportunity to add value through curb-appeal upgrades, common-area amenities, customer service improvements and unit renovations that require minimally invasive and expensive repairs. We target properties that can be improved through simple and cost-efficient adjustments, such as carpet replacement, countertop upgrade, and other internal housing elements that are more predictable in scope and require less time to complete.

The GSH acquisitions team physically inspects the entirety of every potential property in order to minimize surprises. This allows us to paint an accurate and comprehensive picture of the property, so we can then establish a realistic business model for acquisition. The Acquisition team consists of acquisition associates, analysts, and transaction coordinators. These team members work in concert to ensure all metrics for potential property acquisitions are validated and underwritten to ensure the success of every property purchase.

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