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The GSH Group takes a synergistic approach at executing each deal. From acquisition to sale, the firm is actively engaged in the management and construction of each asset, whether the operation is managed in-house or under the control of our trusted management partner. The firm aims to vertically integrate all aspects of our operation as a way to fully control the lifecycle of each project and optimize the management and success of every asset.


Acquisition & Analysis

GSH deploys a vetting and selection approach that focuses on properties which offer the best opportunity to add value through curb-appeal upgrades, common-area amenities, customer service improvements ..


Construction Management

Fluid and consistent construction is vital for the success of any value-add property. Multifamily Commercial Construction (MFCC), the official construction wing of GSH Group, was established to lead value-add ...


Asset Management

The Asset Management Team is responsible for business plan implementation. Asset management is where the rubber meets the road...


Property Management

GSH Group directly manages a small but growing number of units in its portfolio, with a long term goal of taking all assets under inhouse management. As such, GSH Property Management Group was recently established...


Communication and Reporting

“Communication is the Key to Success” – The GSH Group prides itself on clear and ongoing communication with its investor partners.

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