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The GSH Group is a growth-oriented real estate firm with a disciplined approach for acquiring and managing calculated opportunities in the multi-family sector, with a core focus in the Midwest. Together, the three principal partners and founders of GSH have over 40 years of combined expertise in real estate as owner/operators of over 10,000 residential and multi-family units in the last 10 years.

The firm’s core strategy is to create an expansive portfolio that generates consistent quarterly returns for investors and builds long-term value. GSH prides itself in generating carefully curated and high cash-flowing opportunities for its investors by blending strong preferred returns with moderate appreciation. We steer our focus on existing properties that combine a value-add approach with management efficiency through creative strategies and core fundamentals, which include a thorough multi-perspective analysis and proactive asset management.

Our core strategy focuses on B and C class workforce housing. This underserved market segment typically consists of apartment complexes built between 1960 and 1990. In the past 20 years, the spiralling costs of new construction have made building such projects economically impractical. In this light, we generally target properties with 200 or more units that can be acquired at prices well under replacement cost. Properties typically have stable and often high occupancy, but also present opportunities for increased revenues. We achieve this through management efficiency and rent increases via light to moderate value-add programs that upgrade units and modernize the exterior of the buildings, landscape and outdoor spaces.

Through various partnerships and ventures, the management team has deployed more than $500 million of capital since 2003. The combined experience of the three principles includes an opportunistic acquisition of value-add multi-family and residential developments, infill of new construction, single-family rental property portfolios, distressed land and lot positions, and the turnaround of multi-family properties.

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