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The Meadows

Building communities and improving lives

The GSH Group is committed to provide a high level of service and quality of life for the residents of each property under our ownership. This commitment is key to our business strategy of leveraging our property management efforts in order to initiate a comprehensive social impact program that will focus on helping residents live better and more fulfilling lives. Our commitment to the quality of life of our residents will be communicated throughout our organization and be included in our staff training.

As a first-step to elevating our commitment to service and community, GSH is rebranding our entire portfolio to offer a consistent branding and service vision. Most of our properties will soon be referred to as “communities” and will be operating under the brand name “The Meadows”. Each community will offer residents consistent service elements such as:  welcome kits, comprehensive supportive on-boarding process for new community members (tenants), access to discounts from local businesses, access to local educational and recreational opportunities and locally based community activities which are unique to the local market of each property.

On a more involved level, GSH plans to implement a ‘time bank’ software platform in each of its communities. This practice will allow residents the opportunity to socialize with one another while also saving money and time, paving the way for a healthier, happier and more efficient community. In addition to this, The Meadows management will provide tenants with health awareness programs, educational activities for kids, social/entertainment programs and other various community building initiatives.

Through these programs, GSH strives to transform each community into a housing environment that creates meaningful connections between residents and provides access to resources in the area that will enhance the quality of life for all. We view our business as more than just a real estate company. We are an organization that is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the lives of our residents.

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