Gideon Pfeffer recently had the honor to sit on the FLAIA‘s panel “The Case for Why Multifamily Will Continue to Outperform” as an industry expert to provide insights into why multifamily will continue to outperform other sectors of CRE, among other topics. Gideon’s overarching philosophy to multifamily property acquisition, as shared with attendees, can be summarized in the following quote from the webinar:

“We look at our properties as a community. The best operators out there realize it isn’t just about the bottom line; these are people’s homes. When I first evaluate a property, I personally look around and think about whether I would feel comfortable living there and would my wife feel comfortable walking around at any time of day. The ethics involved in acquiring multifamily properties are about maximizing returns to investors while providing a safe, affordable, and clean environment that people can call home.

To listen to a recording of the webinar, click here.